Fluttering the wings, bringing to our notice the colourful vision of the most curious and pleasing creature, the butterfly unfurls its beauty. On the same note, The Assessment World brings out the complex, yet fascinating features of you in a stunning manner, using the latest scientific advances of psychometric testing. Its time to recognize the real you!!

About Us

The Assessment World is a product of  Oscar  Murphy  Life  Strategists, Singapore. We bring to you a range of valuable online psychometric assessments. Through our tests, you can empower yourself by attaining your full potential through the process of gaining fruitful insight into your unique traits, characteristics, strengths and potential.

Scientifically designed and researched, our patented life empowerment testing products offer keen understanding about the functioning of the complex human psyche. Our reports are customised to client’s unique requirements and are structured to maximise the utility of the test by providing effective solutions to participants.

Our Passion...

Our Job Satisfaction...

Is encouraging individuals to develop confidence by discovering their innate potential, talents and abilities. Our scientifically researched products seek to challenge individuals to discard their negative attitudes and to adopt life-changing, energy –giving properties of a positive mindset. Comes from watching individuals blossom into highly motivated self-starters, trained to focus on their goals and yet flexible enough to adapt to changes. The Assessment World assists people over the world to discover and utilise their resilience in times of adversity. You can recognise your creative energy to turn failures into opportunities, with our valuable inputs.