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Self Awareness for Effectiveness

This test has been created after in-depth research by the team at The Assessment World. It offers profound insights into genetically inherited patterns which influence attributes like Productivity, Job satisfaction and Teamwork. The test also measures the dominantly preferred operational style by individuals. This is an immensely successful product used for analyzing and improving People Management skills, essential while working and interacting with others. Self-Awareness is a vital tool in fruitfully achieving life-goals. 

  • The predominant four needs, present in you in different proportions come to light.  These preferences dictate effective management of people and responsibilities.
  • Results on each parameter are combined to arrive at the orientation you possess as "People Oriented" or "Task Oriented". This reflects the style adopted for accomplishing a specific assignment.
  • It helps find out if you are an "Initiator" or "Responder" to the environment and people around.
  • The judicious results reveal your innermost needs that dictate your interactions with colleagues and friends.
  • Through the results of this assessment it is possible to identify ideal environmental factors, which will trigger higher productivity and maximise satisfaction in every aspect of life.