Venture on an exciting journey of the unidentified. Assess and discover your inherent potential, using the tools at The Assessment World. Let not your unknown fate unfold the path of your uncertain future. Spread your wings, fly and soar high; exploring your inner strengths.


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The Assessment World is a superlative eye opener to various dimensions of your personality. A kaleidoscopic view to the many colours of the persona; your innate competencies, skills and attitudes are revealed through our scientific and reliable assessments. Your unique personality is moulded by two important factors:

  1. Hereditary referring to genetic attributes inherited from parents, which are difficult to change and
  2. Environmental implying social and work related external influences that can be modified with minimal effort.
The Assessment World has an array of over 150 testing products and some of our best products  (combination of Heredity and Environmental) are currently available online. These have been employed successfully by Organisations, Students, Individuals and Families across the globe resulting in accurate findings.

Managerial Competencies & Performance Indicator:

An environment-driven competency mapping product providing an in-depth Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threat (SWOT) analysis into a wide range of competencies More

Communication Pattern Analysis:

An environment-driven assessment to help learn and enhance your inherent communication habit More

Behavior & Preferences Evaluation:

A heredity driven assessment of four parameters to provide clues about your Behavioral orientation, work patterns, approach to assignments and a lot more More

Behavior Patterns Analysis:

An assessment based on the external influences in work-related and social situations, the flexibility of a person while interacting with others is measured and compared More

Conflict Management Styles Inventory:

This comprehensive assessment tool determines an individual’s unique reaction pattern to conflict situations and also throws light on the suitability of different response styles to conflict under varying circumstances More

Organizational Climate Survey:

We draw on a battery of 3 different organisational surveys, which capture the crux of the climate of an organization from different perspectives. All the 3 tests provide an independent insight into organizational climate and are best used in conjunction with each other More

Personality Profiling:

A comprehensive Jungian tool to discover and flex your personality to adapt to situations. Each person’s unique personality is dictated by the genes inherited by them More

Leadership & Team Effectiveness Evaluation:

Teamwork is an indispensable element in achieving organizational success. This immensely popular tool aims at leadership and effectiveness of teamwork like leadership, trust, relationship, commitment etc More

Leadership Style Analysis:

This popular tool reveals the unique combination of 4 broad-ranging and all inclusive dimensions of leadership, which a leader usually operates through More

Attitude towards Change:

An extremely valuable tool in today’s dynamic fast changing environment. It serves to assess the level of adaptability to ascertain and identify change facilitators and change resisters within the workforce More

Learning Styles:

The learning styles assessment assesses how an individual acquires, processes and retains information. This is an all-inclusive battery of 3 tools aimed at understanding the preferences of an individual with regards to the entire learning cycle More