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Human behaviour is common across cultures, ages and genders and this fact forms the foundation for the Behavioural Pattern Analysis. Work and social Behaviour are affected by several environment influences such as deadlines, the nature of your work, work relationship, responsibilities at home, relationship with family members and colleagues - to name a few.

The environment-driven Behavioural Pattern Analysis captures the essence of human behaviour on four essential aspects namely Communication, Interpersonal relationship, Sense of urgency, and Information processing.

Behaviour Pattern Analysis helps demonstrate the ability to flex or maintain consistent behavior in various situations by:
  • Identifying various patterns and styles that one assumes both at work and on the personal front.
  • Comparing work and personal behaviour styles leading to analysis of reasons for conformity or lack of it.
This advantageous assessment allows Corporateā€™s to assess employees on their:
  • Preferred behavioural style at work and off it.
  • Behavioural modifications to suit the needs of the current job situation.
  • Helps forecast expected behavior under work pressure, along with a score of other dimensions.