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Globally, organisations are relying on cost-effective, scientific information generated through unbiased psychometric testing for better people-management decisions. A Corporate can employ our range of dependable testing products to assist in effective human resource empowerment and planning by accurate profiling of existing and new personnel.

The detailed results offer deep insight into important attributes like team working abilities, leadership qualities, interpersonal effectiveness, analytical and decision making abilities and a score of other dimensions that are very essential to increase organisational effectiveness. Quick and reliable information is generated as per client requirement.

Our Psychometric Assessments are useful in almost any people empowerment aspect. Some key benefits of testing with us are:

Performance Management is the heart of any "people management" process. If people do not perform, organisations do not survive. If people perform at their peak, organisations can compete and overcome any challenge. Feedback is the essence or foundation of any performance review or evaluation. However, it is one of the most challenging aspects in organisations.

  • Tests at The Assessment World lead to higher level of acceptance on performance evaluation as it is an objective and unbiased analysis of current competencies and strengths.
  • They help ensure equitable and fair treatment to employees based on performance.
  • Provides specificity for comparisons, direction and planning.
  • Helps understand present performance challenges and ways to bridge the gap.
  • The objective and scientific information provided by test results will help in designing effective performance management methods.

Performance appraisal in simple terms is about making the individual aware of his/her current standard of performance, in order to enhance it further. However most appraisals are based on the external observable factors an individual exhibits. Tests at The Assessment World throw light on the internal attributes that govern external behaviour.

  • Tests at The Assessment World help managers and leaders supplement the employee's performance appraisal with objective and measurable reports, which link to their performance.
  • Offers a valuable opportunity to focus on work activities and goals, to identify and correct existing problems.
  • Insights from test results can have a profound effect on levels of employee motivation and satisfaction.
  • Test results used in appraisal program indicates to an employee that the organisation is genuinely interested in their individual performance and development.
  • Can have a positive influence on the individual's sense of worth, commitment and belonging.

Training Need Analysis identifies the gap between the knowledge, skills and attributes required and those already possessed by employees. Most often, training decisions are based on feedback from individuals, managers or the HR department. Such feedback may not be holistic, as it does not reveal all areas with scope for improvement. This aspect is countered by use of psychometric tools at The Assessment World.

  • Customised psychometric test reports make training need analysis highly scientific. Psychometrics help you identify where individuals stand on a range of management competencies like corporate communication, behavioural patterns and many more.
  • Tests at The Assessment World helps achieve the greatest improvement in performance and best value for your investment in training, development, practical experience or networking.
  • Enhance the natural work strength by maximising your training on courses that will actually have the most impact for the employees.

A team is a group of people who are jointly responsible for achieving a shared goal. Thus, team performance includes various attributes like interpersonal communication, valuing differences, respecting viewpoints, group decision making, using mutual strengths, membership, clarity of group goals etc. These attributes are accurately measured at The Assessment World.

  • Test results bring about the productivity improvement benefit that all organisations desire.
  • Test results inspire action that improves the way the organisation operates, produce solutions to previously insoluble problems.
  • Target key result areas where performance is below what is required and creates an awareness of the team's potential as a unit.
  • Determine the needs and ambitions of each team member recognising the unique contribution that each individual can make.
  • Improved team retention over the long term and effective conflict resolution.

Motivation is a psychological process that gives behavior purpose and direction; a predisposition to behave in a purposive manner to achieve specific, unmet needs. All these psychological aspects are easily determined with the help of psychometrics at The Assessment World. Research suggests that as employees' income increases, money becomes less of a motivator. In addition, as employees get older, interesting work becomes more of a motivator.

  • To be effective, managers and leaders need to understand what motivates employees within the context of the roles they perform. Tools at The Assessment World enable the understanding of what motivates employees to place them in their areas of interest thereby contributing to the overall effectiveness and growth in performance.
  • Through our carefully devised tests, you can discover the perfect motivational key and assign meaningful appraisals of job-related skills and functions.

360 feedback allows each individual to understand how others view his effectiveness as an employee, coworker or staff member. The most effective 360 feedback processes provide feedback that is based on behaviors that other employees can see. Such behaviours are effectively captured with the help of well-designed and structured tests at The Assessment World.

  • Using psychometric tests at The Assessment World, minimizes scope for manipulation in 360 feedback, as people may have personal bias either favorable or adverse.
  • Test results can be customised to ensure that they are relevant and closely related to the work culture specific to the organisation.
  • Multi-rater test feedback makes team members more accountable to each other as they share the knowledge that they will provide input on each member's performance.
  • The "horns and halo" effect, in which a supervisor rates performance based on their most recent interactions with the employee is minimised.
  • Individual will improve qualitatively.

Empowerment aims at developing and enabling individuals to enhance their ability. It is a means to help people explore their potential and capabilities. It is important to create an environment in which employees can feel empowered, productive and happy and self-awareness is the key to achieve such results.

  • Psychometric tests at The Assessment World can determine the motivation, core competencies, unique strengths, aptitude of the individual, which can work as a guideline to help you strategise and assign projects and tasks, which will become the source of all work effort.
  • Self awareness the foundation of empowerment is the biggest benefit of testing at The Assessment World. Empowerment helps employees own their work and take responsibility for results.

Leadership coaching is required at all levels in a competitive corporate environment. The scope of such coaching is very vast, encompassing different requirements and aspirations of individuals.

  • Tests at The Assessment World help measure key areas essential to be a good leader like building team cohesiveness, resolving conflict, negotiation & convincing skills and other leadership qualities.
  • Test results help determine if "leaders" have the necessary communication style, managerial competencies, personality and attitude in alignment with their roles and responsibilities.
  • Enhance self awareness by knowing strengths and limitations as a leader.
  • Increase team effectiveness via more effective leaders and align leadership goals with organisational goals.