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Conflict is not necessarily destructive! When managed properly, conflict can result in benefits for a team. Thus identifying your conflict management style is the key to successfully manage them and iron out differences that may cause interpersonal challenges.

Conflict Management Styles Inventory measures five comprehensive Conflict Styles indicating the specific style used by an individual. Insightful information regarding your specific conflict management style helps you handle conflict better.

Benefits for Corporate

  • The organisation can utilise this assessment to understand its people‚Äôs conflict style in an attempt to lessen conflict among them.
  • Team leaders can understand the conflict style of their team members and arrive at an efficient way to resolve differences.
  • Can go a long way in building team cohesiveness, bonding and trust.

Benefits for Individuals

  • Conflict Management Style Instrument can give you a better understanding of your own conflict behaviour.
  • It will help improve your performance by becoming more competent and confident in handling conflicts.
  • Mastery of conflict situation is through self awareness. This instrument will give you an insight of how you react in conflicts.