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The organisation’s climate is a reflection of thoughts, perceptions, emotions and feelings of people. Most often perceptions are larger than reality guiding and leading people to behave the way they do. Feedback from an organisation climate survey helps the company pay attention to understanding the employee’s needs. Unaddressed grievances often have adverse effects on the performance of the employees and an unfavorable attitude towards the management.

Scientifically designed OCS helps combat such issues by bringing to light about 12 aspects like Advancement Mobility, Job security, Management’s credibility, Personnel Policies & Procedures, Self Confidence to name a few.

Some key benefits of OCS are:

  • Confidentially helps voice concerns that people may be threatened to share due to fear and insecurity.
  • Enables to check the health and climate of the workplace periodically.
  • Helps address gaps and areas with scope for improvement as an organisation.
  • Employees feel valued as their opinion is given due importance.
  • Protects and shields the overall welfare of the organisation.