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Successful interpersonal relations, is a result of our personalities and how others perceive us. Carl Jung, the famous swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst classified four major personality types in his research on "Psychological Types". Personalities are formed by inherited genes and each of these distinctive personality types has unique attributes, strengths and drawbacks ranging on a continuum from effective to ineffective. Your personality style is representative of the dominating trait present in you.

The potent Personality Style Assessment product helps discover your inherent personality style and assists you in learning the art and science of influencing others.  In addition, valuable tips on recognizing other personality types are given. Flex your style to maximise impact while interacting with different personality types. 

Corporates can reap the benefits of this powerful test which results in:
  • Improved productivity and performance.
  • Assigning tasks best suited to employee personality types.
  • Accurate direction of effective training and development programs to optimize employee strengths.
  • An understanding of strengths and weakness of each personality type to create competent teams for efficient completion of specific assignments.
By flexing your personality type, you can:
  • Adapt to varied personality types and exert a greater control over situations/people.
  • Improve interpersonal interaction by structuring and flexing communication. 
  • Team working abilities by recognising and adapting to the different personality types.