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Recognition of strengths and weaknesses is crucial in unleashing the innate potential in each of us!  Armed with the knowledge of your areas of strengths and opportunities, dealing with diverse situations and people becomes effortless. Similarly, weaker aspects of your personality (classified as Weaknesses and Threats) can be converted into positive qualities through continuous training.

PPC 20 (People Performance Competency 20) is an authoritative test
for accurate assessment and measurement of 5 Meta Performance Competencies namely Managing Change, Planning and Organising, Interpersonal Dynamics, Result Orientation and Leadership.

A further sub-division of 20 core competencies, measured on a 10 point scale is also provided. This helps project a precise assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  Some of the competencies measured are Initiative, Risk Taking, Resilience, Customer  Focus, Business Awareness, Flexibility and so on.

With the dependable PPC SWOT analysis tool it is uncomplicated for:


  • To match employee strengths to the job profile or demands of the work situation resulting in efficient completion of assignments.
  • To select employees with potential attributes for effective succession planning.
  • To identify strengths of employees and channeling their strengths into appropriate assignments.


  • To recognise and utilise your unique aptitudes to choose careers / jobs  based on your strengths through better self awareness.
  • Confidence in interview answering abilities.
  • Elimination or minimisation of threats by understanding your weaknesses.